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Why Belltower?

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The Belltower Team

on August 4, 2018

So what makes Belltower different? Other organizations (like Ministry Grid, RightNow Media, and offer great resources for teachers in the church. What’s the use of one more tool?

The short answer is that Belltower is so much more than a media library.

When you select curriculum from publishers like Ligonier, Focus on the Family, or International Mission Board, you also get powerful teaching tools alongside.

Those tools, coupled with the breadth of curriculum that Belltower offers, means you’re ready to teach toward transformation on almost any topic.

1. Discover curriculum that fits your ministry’s needs.

Instead of shopping multiple online and physical stores, you can browse quality curriculum from multiple publishers in one place. Curriculum in the Belltower Store is designed for group study.

So whether you’re pulling Pathway Learning courses for your leadership team or training potential church planters with a City to City course, you have great content and great questions for leading in-person discussions. (It’s like an App Store for great curriculum).

2. Contextualize curriculum to move beyond information.

Having experts at hand—whether on video or in writing—is great. But you know how to teach your group best. With Belltower, you can contextualize curriculum by adding custom introductions and extra learning steps where you need.

Maybe you’d like to contextualize a leadership course so that it more directly addresses problems your church is facing right now? Done. Or, you can add Attend steps to any lesson to remind your group when you’ll meet for discussion.

3. Share instantly.

Get rid of those dusty filing cabinets, paper workbooks, and dried out pens! You can share Belltower with all your group members in less than 30 seconds. Each member has instant access to all the content on their phone or laptops—anywhere with an internet connection. They can watch videos, take quizzes, start discussions, add notes, and more.

You can also assign roles to members (e.g. Learner, Moderator, Teacher, etc.), so others can help you moderate discussion or modify the course curriculum.

4. Encourage engagement with teaching tools.

Our hope is that Belltower gives you the tools to engage with people on a deeper level. Technology doesn’t transform people, but personal discipleship can. Every course in Belltower comes with a set of teaching tools to help you engage with the ones you’re teaching.

Your group leaders and teachers can see where everyone is on the path, send check-in messages, and even schedule reminders to help keep everyone on track throughout the week. Leaders are also notified anytime someone posts a question or submits something for you to review. It all adds up to a more personal learning experience designed to connect people around essential truths.

Try a Belltower course in your own church and subscribe to the blog for more updates as they come.

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